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Available Services

Empowerment Life Coaching

Empowerment man with smoke

 Either an individual, couples or groups working towards a state of empowerment   Working together to understand the situation fully and then activate the best path forward.  Moving from a confused or distressed space, into a state of empowerment.  A journey of great self-discovery and learning more about ourselves to move forward with great clarity.

Transformation Life Coaching

Working around a behavioural challenge.  Working through the challenge to a positive outcome of their choosing.  Examples of this type of coaching is;  moving from one job to another.  Dropping an engrained habit.  Stepping out of their comfort-zone.  Through small exercises we stretch the client to change their lives, one small step at a time.

Team Dynamic Coaching

Team Dynamics

Working with Leaders and Teams to fully understand their team.  How the team interact as individuals, and as a whole.  Discussing Strengths and Potential Limiters, different communications and listening styles.  What motivates your team, and different recognition strategies for individuals.  By understanding, teams have the opportunity to grow.

My Story

Collette Merritt brings over 20 years, of invaluable local and international corporate experience to Be The Change Coaching, which was started in 2018.  Collette, qualified as an ILS Life Coach and now works with clients to move from surviving to THRIVING, in every circumstance. 

Collette is motivated by her pre-occupation of understanding people and what motivates their behaviour.  She is passionate about people working to their strengths and understanding their personal opportunities.  Using various coaching tools, she can assist individuals and groups with Coaching4Clarity, Personal Development & Growth, Eloquent Communication Skills, Productivity Solutions, Authentic Vision & Values, High Performance Team Dynamics, Customer Service Secrets and Goal & Boundary Setting.

Collette’s coaching approach is practical and non-judgmental, providing a space of infinite possibility, with a healthy dose of growth and accountability.

​Collette lives in Cape Town with her husband of over 20 years, their two daughters and two particularly pampered felines.


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